Ceremonial Grade


Matcha is super-charged, antioxidant rich, ground green tea.

Matcha is a shade grown green tea which is slowly stone ground to preserve its high nutrient content. Therefore, it has been credited with many health benefits and contains 137 times the antioxidants of a regular cup of green tea. This makes Matcha an ideal functional beverage, containing no sugar, calories or sodium.

Matcha is an ancient tradition as well as a powerful super-food. The process to make a ceremonial grade matcha tea makes for a much more concentrated final product than other traditional green teas. It’s active pick-me-up is theanine which unlike caffeine spreads through the body more slowly and more consistently over a six-to-eight hour period. That’s why it’s said tea stimulates not excites.

Our ceremonial grade matcha is grown in the sought after Nishio-shi region (Aichi prefecture). Pure stone ground green tea made from chlorophyll-rich, young shade grown tencha tea leaves that impart fresh grassy flavours with notes of spinach and green peas.