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Tea Squared was born out of a passion for food and a lust for the leaf over a decade and a half ago.

Tea Squared was born out of a passion for food and a lust for the leaf over a decade and a half ago.At that time, I set out to open some of Canada’s first tea shops. They were exciting times and tea enthusiasts flocked to the stores in search for answers and the quality of tea that could not be found elsewhere. Much has changed – quality loose leaf tea is now available in specialty shops across the country.

The time seemed right for the next step and Tea Squared was conceived in 2013 as a supplier for tea shops, fine food stores and restaurants. Many years in the industry had provided me with in depth insight in the origins and production methods of my favourite beverage. I am fortunate to have traveled to the corners of the world to uncover the best teas for our blends. I nurtured the relationships with our growers over the years and we only source the highest quality premium loose leaf teas.Our teas are produced under the E.U. food safety standards and are constantly analyzed to bring you the purest product of the highest quality possible. Handpicked from sought-after remote regions where the purest leaf can be found. Tea Squared uses all natural ingredients in all of our blends.

I was confident that there was a desire for more and better choices of premium loose leaf tea.Our mission is to provide these top quality teas at mainstream retailers and restaurants across the continent. We since have launched many flavours under the Tea Squared label and created our organic “Buddha leaf line”. Premium, freshly brewed, bottled iced teas followed soon after and eventually, our line of Matcha Latte mixes “Ma-Cha Matcha”.We are fortunate that our teas can now be found in thousands of restaurants and retailers across North America and we sincerely thank our many supporters for their ongoing loyalty and wonderful comments.Happy sipping,

Frank Weber

Our Principles

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Our company philosophy is based on four principles:



Having established superior relationships in the industry over the past decade and a half, Tea Squared brings you the most uncompromising quality of super premium full leaf tea on the market.



All our teas are tested constantly for purity and are certified by several international governing bodies.

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about us sustainability

Our growers must follow above average agricultural husbandry practices. Replanting and infilling, usage of shade trees, erosion reduction, reinvigoration of the soil and minimizing the impact on the environment and wildlife are amongst the criteria we insist on.


We insist that our tea suppliers or tea gardens follow fair labor practices, ensure the welfare of their employees and conduct themselves in an ethical and socially responsible manner.

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