(Video) Cook with Tea! Seafood Stew

(Video) Cook with Tea! Seafood Stew

Boil vegetable stock and white wine with Genmaicha Tea Add carrots, ginger, Chinese broccoli, cherry tomatoes and peas Add rice noodles and soy sauce Add in seafood (shrimp, scallops, fish) Salt and pepper to taste ENJOY

(Video) Tea Royal Cocktail

(Video) Tea Royal Cocktail

Combine equal parts: - Water - Sugar - Berry Tea Bring to a boil & simmer Strain Chill Add 2-3 tablespoons of tea syrup into champagne flute Pour Champagne over syrup to combine ENJOY

(Video) BBQ with Tea! Chicken Skewers

(Video) BBQ with Tea! Chicken Skewers

Olive Oil & Sesame Oil Ninja Oolong Tea Rub Skewer Chicken Pieces Fire on BBQ ENJOY   Tea Squared's New Chai Rubs are Hand Crafted by the Resident Chai Wallah

(Video) BBQ with Tea! Cedar Plank Salmon

(Video) BBQ with Tea! Cedar Plank Salmon

Olive Oil & Soy Sauce Lemon Juice Salmon Filets Let Sit for 10 Minutes Sprinkle with Turmeric Shakedown Tea Rub BBQ on a Cedar Plank Serve with Quinoa & Tartar Sauce ENJOY   Tea Squared's New Chai Rubs are Hand Crafted by the Resident Chai...

Rooibos Chai crusted porkloin with balsamic-plum-risotto

This recipe is inspired by a dish we had on the menu in our restaurant back in Europe. The pork does particularly well in the apple marinade. You can try using different cuts or leave away the Rooibos crust. Key is to marinate the meat for at least 24...

Peking duck-Genmaicha-noodles

Japan meets China. The Genmaicha is crafted from a good quality Japanese Sencha, which has been layered with roasted rice and corn. This process gives it a full body that can stand up to the Peking duck. Serves 6 1 whole Peking duck ( Available...


300 ml. sour cream 200 ml. milk 1 tbs. pink peppercorns 1 tbs. unflavoured rooibos 1 tsp. chopped garlic Bring the sour cream and milk to a boil, add all other ingredients, let sit for 5 min. Salt to taste and serve.

Seared tuna, Rösti potatoes, rooibos-pepper sauce

There are few potato dishes so satisfying as Rösti. When topped with blue rare tuna and the delicious rooibos-pepper sauce, it is magic. Serves 4 Rösti 6-7 medium, potatoes 50 gr. butter 1 tsp. salt Peel potatoes and boil until semi soft. There...

Veal Chops

4 Veal chops Juice of 4 limes 6 tbs. Soya sauce Salt and pepper 1 bunch of sage 1 clove of garlic Place limejuice, garlic, soya sauce and half of the sage in a blender and puree. Reserve the other half of the sage for garnish. Pour the marinade over the veal chops and...

Seafood ‘pot au feu’ with Green Citrus Chai

5 tsp Citrus Chai ¼ Fennel bulb ½ small white onion 1 bunch chive 1 peeled tomato 8 Bay scallops 200gr skinless salmon 200gr orange roughy or other white fish 16 small prawns 4 strips lemon zest 6 oz white wine 4 white mushrooms Brew Chai in 1...

Crispy fried Ocean Perch on Jasmine scented Cous-Cous

4 fillets of Ocean Perch ½ bunch of spring onions (finely chopped) 80gr Cous Cous 20-25 grape tomatoes (halved) 10 Shitake mushrooms 8 gr Jasmine Dragon Tears 1TBS Butter 4 servings Baby spinach Salt, Pepper Soya Sauce Olive Oil Lemon Juice...

Smoked Prawns with Blue-Cheese Fennel Salad

20 large prawns 1 tbsp butter 1 cup brewed Lapsang Souchong 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar 1 tbsp honey 1 tbsp soya sauce 1 tbsp lemon zest 1 clove garlic 1 bulb fennel finely sliced 1 green apple, quartered, cored and finely sliced 125 gr Roquefort...

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