Try Berry Buddy Iced!

Forest berries dominate this rich dark fruit melange with the sweetness of sun ripened strawberries and raspberries. Fantastic made iced!

Escape to the Caribbean

Instant vacation with the flavours of the Caribbean. Let yourself be swept away by this amazing fruit blend. Pineapple and coconut are the stars in this tea. Perfect iced!

Try Unicorn Punch Iced!

Butterfly pea flowers give this refreshing drink its blue colour. Great hot, iced or as a base for cocktails. Add lemon juice to see it turn pink.  Tropical mango and coconut make this tropical fave taste amazing. A beatiful iced treat!

Try Uncle Grey Iced!

The smoother cousin of the pretentious Earl. High grown Ceylon black tea, infused with the oil of bergamot and finished with a hint of vanilla. This creamy delightful tea is one of our best sellers, and delicious over ice!


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