How does tea help you lose weight?

Tea is a preparation that in addition to being a drink loved worldwide for its different flavours can provide many benefits to the body. This makes loose leaf tea a very popular beverage throughout the world. However, tea is able to allow weight loss. Indeed, it is made up of substances capable of allowing you to lose weight.

What are the slimming molecules contained in tea?

Tea is an excellent health drink, rich in antioxidants and is preferred for its ability to strengthen bones, protect the heart and boost the immune system. In addition, tea can help slow down the aging process. In this context, specialists have gone so far as to prove that this drink is able to promote weight loss. This is mainly made possible by the action of certain substances contained in tea.

First of all, there is theanine, a substance that, like caffeine, increases thermogenesis. Indeed, it promotes the production of heat in the body and thus, calories are burned more.

Then, weight loss is also caused by catechins, a natural antioxidant found in food that is extremely prevalent in tea! These molecules reduce food cravings. They help regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood and allow a good distribution of fats in the body.

Finally, polyphenols, also antioxidants, allow weight loss by slowing down the assimilation of carbohydrates and lipids by the body. This action limits weight gain.

Green tea, an excellent slimming tea!

While all teas help with weight control in the ways we’ve just discussed, some tea choices are better than others to promote weight loss. Black tea, for example, is not the best choice to reduce those extra pounds. It is in fact green tea that is perfectly suited to this function. Green tea acts directly on the cells and helps to burn fat.

Yerba Mate is a great alternative…

For more efficiency, you can turn to a mate blend. Mate is a plant native to South America that is brewed as a traditional tea. It helps you stay alert, moving and calm all at once. This is a great morning alternative beverage to give you and your system a boost.

Pu-erh tea is effective against bad fats…

It is a variety of dark tea and post-fermented that would have a direct reaction to bad fats. This tea acts on cholesterol and triglycerides, thus reducing the level of these substances in the body. Thus, regular consumption of Pu Ehr tea will help to eliminate a few pounds.

How much tea should we drink to lose weight?

There is no doubt that tea is good for your body. With no added milk or sugar, this drink contains 0 calories; it is just perfect for your well-being. To see the effects on your weight, it is advisable to consume two cups a day and this while completing a balanced diet. The action of tea will only be evident after regular consumption, over time, followed by the practice of sports and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

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