Why is TeaSquared.ca Canada’s best loose leaf tea company?

Why is TeaSquared.ca Canada’s favourite tea company?

Tea is a beverage enjoyed by all for its varied flavours and the benefits of the leaves. However, you’ll only find tea satisfaction if you go to the right place. Born from a passion for the beverage, Tea Squared is the best supplier and online tea store to find the best loose leaf tea. You’ll find the best tea preparations that will make your taste buds feel great and promote your well-being.

Tea Squared, the ultimate tea company and wholesale tea company!

Tea Squared was established in 2013 and has been supplying tea shops, restaurants, and various grocery stores across Canada ever since. The company is known for over 120 varieties of tea and herbal blends. Tea Squared offers blends and recipes for its original drinks. The many years that Tea Squared has been in the business have given our Tea Master a unique understanding of the methods and origins of tea and tea preparation. Tea Squared has had time to discover the secret to awaken your senses through the vast world of tea. Having travelled throughout the world, Frank Weber, the founder of Tea Squared, has had the opportunity to discover the best teas in the world. Weber always had tea in his life, and when he went into the business early on he opened a chain of Canada’s first tea shops. Since then he founded Tea Squared, North America’s best retail loose leaf tea brand.

What also makes the success of this tea company is the great variety and quality of leaves and plants used for the preparation. Thus, many blends are used for a great variety of incredible flavours. Preparations for Tea Squared’s teas are made according to the food safety standards for Europe and North America. The company collaborates with producers who supply it with high-quality loose teas from across the world. Rich and pure leaves from remote regions and unique and pure herbal blends are Tea Squared’s passions.
A wide variety of tasty and virtuous teas.

Tea Squared is also known for its wide variety of teas and preparations. Indeed, Tea Squared offers black tea made with fully-oxidized tea leaves. Black tea and Scented Black Tea are considered the most common teas in the Western Hemisphere and include teas such as Breakfast in Paris, Uncle Grey and Irish Breakfast. A beverage to be savoured with passion.

Tea Squared also offers a variety of green tea and scented green tea, made from much younger and softer leaves. Green tea, in addition to being an irresistible drink, is rich in antioxidants.
Tea Squared also imports a premium selection of white tea, fruit tea, yerba mate, and Japanese matcha for the happiness of your sips.

A company that offers much more than tea!

In addition to the delicious teas, Tea Squared offers, our company also gives you the secret to drinks like matcha smoothies. Moreover, on the Tea Squared website, we teach you how to make signature drinks like the Tea Royal Cocktail or Cold Brewed Iced Tea. We also have recipes for making Chai Lattes or Iced Chai Lattes at home!

Also, you will find dinner recipes accompanied by and made with tea, such as the seafood stew or the chicken brochettes. Using the Tea Squared Spice Rubs. Recipes in which Tea Squared shows you that tea is much more than just a drink. Indeed, it can also accompany meals or be used for seasoning.

Explore the Tea Squared website today and enjoy your journy through the world of tea!